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Uninstalling the Email Signature Manager Agent programmatically


You wish to uninstall the Email Signature Manager Agent programmatically from a number of machines on your network.


There are a number of methods to remove the Agent installation from your network. This can be done using a Powershell script for Clickonce or MSI installed Agents or an MSI uninstallation for MSI installed Agents.

It is always recommended to run the uninstallation scripts on a test machine before these are deployed to your network.

In some cases when installed via MSI, the Powershell script is known to be unable to remove the Agent installation. In this case, we recommend using the MSI uninstallation script.


The following powershell script will in most cases remove both the ClickOnce and MSI installed Agent from your devices.

The .ps1 script below should be saved to your local machine. In order to run a saved script you will need to allow unsigned scripts to run. This can be done using the following command through an Administrative Powershell window.

Set-ExecutionPolicy -Bypass

Agent Removal Tool

MSI uninstallation

Owing to the nature of MSI installation, you must find the correct Local Package for the installed software. This can be done using Powershell commands and the resulting information used with an RMM package or GPO to remove the software from your computers.


If installed as a Machine based installation, the user running the commands will require local administrative permissions on the device.

Machine and User based installations will need to be removed separately.

If you have multiple versions of the software installed on your network, you will need to repeat this for all versions.

Open a PowerShell window on a device with the Agent installed, and run the following command.

Get-WmiObject Win32_product | Format-Table IdentifyingNumber, Name, LocalPackage -AutoSize

Using the LocalPackage field, you can use the following command to uninstall the agent. The user running the command will require write permissions to %temp%.

msiexec /uninstall C:\Windows\Installer\2fba28.msi /qn /norestart /L*V %temp%\ESMuninstall.txt

This command can be used with a boot/login script or RMM solution to remove the Agent as desired from your network.

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