Email Signature Manager version 5.x

Email Signature Manager version 6.x

Email Signature Manager version 7.x


This article lists the recommended versions of the Email Signature Manager Transport Agent to use.


The recommended version 5.x to use is version 5.5.1.

The recommended version 6.x to use is version 6.4.0.

The recommended version 7.x to use is version 7.1.0 or later.


Transport Agent version 6.4.0 includes the following cumulative fixes:

  • New option to convert plain text emails that require a signature to HTML (6.0).
  • Detects separators between emails to improve mobile device signature injection (6.0).
  • New option to use case insensitive rule match for mobile device signatures (6.2).
  • Fix for Transport Agent fails to inject signatures into emails containing non-breaking spaces (6.4).
  • Fix for Transport Agent does not always inject signatures containing non-ASCII characters into HTML emails (6.4).

Transport Agent version 7.1.0 includes the following cumulative fixes:

  • Fixed two problems where the Transport Agent fail to inject a signature (7.1).

If you are using Email Signature Manager version 5.x, and you are using the Email Signature Manager Transport Agent, it is recommended you upgrade Email Signature Manager to version 6.4 or 7.1, or later.