Out-of-Office Manager version 5.x
Out-of-Office Manager version 6.x

Out-of-Office Manager version 7.x


This article describes the symptoms and cause of Out-of-Office Manager failing to logon because the connection is using Cached Exchange Mode. This article also describes the resolution for this issue.


The logon fails with the following error message:

The logon failed because the connection was established using Cached Exchange Mode.


The connection to Exchange Server is established using Cached Exchange Mode, which has been enforced in Group Policy, but because Out-of-Office Manager does not work with Cached Exchange Mode, the logon fails.


Use Out-of-Office Manager 7.0.0, or later, and use the application as a Domain Administrator.

Alternatively, ensure that Group Policy does not enforce the use of Cached Exchange Mode for the users of the application. The Use Cached Exchange mode for new and existing Outlook profiles policy setting must be set to Not Configured in Group Policy for the users of the application. Note that in versions of the application that logon using an existing Outlook profile, Cached Exchange Mode may be enabled in the Outlook profile. As long as Cached Exchange Mode is not enforced by Group Policy, the application will disable Cached Exchange Mode for its own session.


The problem is due to the application being unable to disable Cached Exchange Mode for its own session when Cached Exchange Mode is enforced via GPO.

The problem is resolved as described above.