Folder Permissions Manager version 5.x

Folder Permissions Manager version 6.x

Folder Permissions Manager version 7.x


It is possible to hide address lists and groups in the explorer, so they cannot be accessed from the application.

The filters can be specified in the Windows Registry in the following key:

Software\Symprex\Folder Permissions Manager

The key can be located either in HKEY_CURRENT_USER or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. The settings in HKEY_CURRENT_USER take precedence.

The filters are defined in the following values:

Address List Filter: Specifies the filter for address lists

Group Filter: Specifies the filter for groups

In both cases, the list is delimited by semi-colons (";") and each name in the list supports wildcards.

If you want to create a dedicated address list for user the application, you can create one using the cmdlet

See cmdlet New-AddressList for information about how to create address lists:

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