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This article describes the symptoms and cause of an unexpected error occurring when trying to expand a mailbox. This article also describes the resolution for this issue.


The application is connected to Exchange Server 2007 or later.

An unexpected error with the following details occurs when trying to expand a mailbox:

Operation: Open mailbox 'Smith, Lloyd' ('/o=My Company/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=AccountName' on server.domain.local)
Method: Symprex.SXMAPI.DataProvider.InternalOpenMailbox()
Object: 'User Name', Type = Mailbox

Message: [GetMailboxInfo@1100]Error in IMsgStore::OpenEntry - 0x0000000034B7E7845EC53E4DAB8D7E8B39560733010020A02DC2BB15574495D088244BE9BFE900000385BD410000: MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND
Error Code: 0x8004010F (-2147221233)
Error Description: <Message not available for error 0x8004010F>

In this example the unexpected error occurred when expanding the "AccountName" account on the "server.domain.local" mailbox server.


The unexpected error occurs because the "Administer information store" right has not been assigned to the user working with the application on the mailbox database holding the mailbox.


In order for the application to function correctly with Exchange Server 2007 and later, it is necessary to assign the appropriate permissions to the user working with the application.

Refer to the user's guide for your version of the application for more information (press F1 from the main window to open).

Please note that changes to permissions may not become effective immediately.


The problem is due to missing permissions on Exchange Server 2007 or later.

The problem is resolved as described above.