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Could not access network location when trying to uninstall MSI package


Email Signature Manager version 8.x

Email Signature Manager version 7.x


This article describes how to forcibly uninstall an MSI package from a computer. This can be necessary if the network share from which it was installed has since been removed. In such a situation the information in this article may be helpful to forcibly uninstall the Email Signature Manager Agent or Email Signature Manager Deployment Tool.


When trying to uninstall, repair or upgrade an MSI package, the process fails with this error message:

Could not access network location \\server\share


This problem is a known issue with Windows Installer that occurs when the original network share from which an application was installed has since been removed.


The MSI package can be forcibly uninstalled from a computer using the Windows Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter published by Microsoft following these steps:

  1. Launch the troubleshooter from the following page:

    Note: It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer to launch the troubleshooter.

  2. Click the Accept button to accept the terms of the Microsoft Licensing Agreement.

  3. Once the troubleshooter has analysed your computer, select the Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply option.

  4. On the Are you having problems installing or uninstalling a program? page, select Uninstalling.

  5. In the Select the program you want to uninstall list, select the application to uninstall and click the Next button.

  6. On the Uninstall and cleanup? page, select Yes, try uninstall.

  7. On the Diagnosis is complete page, click the Next button.

  8. Wait for the troubleshooter to uninstall the Deployment Tool (this can take a little while to complete).

  9. On the Troubleshooting is complete page, verify that the Cannot install or uninstall a program issue is reported as Fixed.

  10. In Program and Features (in the Windows Control Panel), verify that the application has been removed.

  11. In the Troubleshooting Wizard, click the Next button.

  12. On the Did this fix your problem? page, select the Yes, the problem has been fixed option and click the Next button.

  13. On the Thank You! page, click the Close button.

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