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Using logos and other images in email signatures

You can use logos, social media icons, and other images in your email signatures.

These are the recommendations for optimal results:

  • Use JPG image format.
  • Use RGB colour mode for JPG images.
  • Use 96 dpi resolution images.
  • Specify the image size in HTML templates.

Use JPG image format

JPG is good for pictures and hi-colour images with lots of gradients.

GIF is good for logos with few colours and large areas with solid colours.

PNG is best overall, but poorly supported by older versions of Outlook, and should be avoided.

The recommendation is to use JPG.

Use RGB colour mode for JPG images

JPG images must use RGB colour mode. JPG images using CMYK colour mode may appear in wrong colours and/or rastered.

Use 96 dpi resolution images

Outlook will rescale images that are not 96 dpi to 96 dpi. This may cause images to become blurry/fuzzy/unsharp/smaller/change in size.

Specify the image size in HTML templates

You should set the image width and height attributes on the img tag in your HTML.

For example if your image is:

<img src="">

It needs to be updated like this:

<img src="" width=x height=y>

Where x is the width in pixels and y is the height in pixels.

Do not use this to scale the image. Use an image that has already been edited to have the dimensions you want.

Do not use inline CSS. Use the width and height attributes as shown above.

Note that Email Signature Manager 7.2.0 and later will set image width and height automatically so there is no need to do this manually.

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