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Email Signature Manager V5 Release Notes

Email Signature Manager 5.5.1 Release Notes January 31, 2014

New features, enhancements and bug fixes in this release:

  • Fixed rare problem where loading details of deployment service hangs main application (bug #212).
  • Fixed problem where home server is not properly detected in default profile on Outlook 2010 and later (bug #215).
  • The report window in sign.exe is not shown if a deployment data error is found (task #213).

Email Signature Manager 5.5.0 Release Notes December 2, 2013

New features, enhancements and bug fixes in this release:

  • Added a mechanism to record status information relating to signature generation and injection to assist in monitoring the activity of the Transport Agent (task #193).
  • Added new option to save Outlook signature files in ASCII format (task #193).
  • Added new option to use the fixed Office 365 URL for Office 365 mailbox access (task #204).
  • Added support for using Exchange server specified in default Outlook profile when deploying OWA signatures via MAPI and the standard Exchange server detection fails (task #206).
  • Added support for Outlook profiles configured for MDaemon (task #205).
  • Fixed problem with some field names not always being correctly recognised in some Windows locales (bug #194).
  • Fixed problem with the Refresh Domain Cache button in the Transport Agent in some Windows locales (bug #200).
  • Fixed a problem with Test EWS Connectivity dialog where it fails to test selected users correctly (bug #202).
  • Fixed a problem with the service not loading members of nested groups correctly (bug #207).
  • Fixed a potential problem where merging RTF signature with disclaimer or campaign caused fonts to be changed (bug #208).

Email Signature Manager 5.4.0 Release Notes September 19, 2013

New features, enhancements and bug fixes in this release:

  • Added support for multiple Active Directory domains (task #188).
  • Added validation of groups and users defined for deployment (task #188).
  • Improved mechanism to deploy signatures in Terminal Services and Citrix environments (task #189).
  • Transport Agent installer no longer requires manual steps to install/uninstall agent (task #188).
  • Resolved potential problem with installer when upgrading from older versions (task #188).
  • Fixed inconsistency when loading group deployment records (bug #186).
  • Fixed problem with the deployment service not reading members of nested groups (bug #187).
  • Fixed signature generation failure in some isolated cases (bug #190).
  • Fixed Outlook 2013 not always being detected correctly (bug #192).

Email Signature Manager 5.3.0 Release Notes July 10, 2013

New features, enhancements and bug fixes in this release:

  • Fixed transport agent sometimes fails to correctly identify text to replace (bug #175).
  • Fixed transport agent fails to install on Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update 1 (bug #180).
  • Fixed emails with injected signatures may not display correctly on iPhone and iPad (bug #184).
  • Fixed potential inconsistency in loading user deployment records (bug #181).
  • Fixed data source failing to load does not cause a signature deployment error (bug #182).
  • Fixed title case is not properly applied to fields in all upper case (bug #185).
  • SignMAPI executable must load pre-extracted MAPI support DLL from local path (bug #183).
  • Test Signatures dialog now allows test account to be entered directly (task #170).
  • When saving templates the template name is trimmed of leading and trailing spaces (task #170).

Email Signature Manager 5.2.0 Release Notes May 24, 2013

New features, enhancements and bug fixes in this release:

  • Command line and MSI deployment utilities now support .NET 4 as well as .NET 2.0/3.5 (task #164).
  • Option to send pictures from the internet moved from client to global options (task #164).
  • Status monitor now reports if old deployment utility versions are being used (task #164).
  • Improved autodiscovery mechanism for deploying to OWA (task #164).
  • Improved deployment utility loader and self-extractor mechanism (task #164).
  • Improved proxy server support for internet access (task #164).
  • Fixed empty style in template HTML source can cause failure to deploy signature (bug #178).
  • Fixed rare issue with campaigns and disclaimers not being appended to signatures (bug #177).
  • Fixed leading/trailing spaces in signature and stationery names not handled correctly (bug #176).
  • Fixed setting stationery to none does not clear current theme (bug #173).
  • Fixed transport agent configuration utility not always detecting Exchange server (bug #172).
  • Fixed transport agent not handling special characters correctly (bug #168).
  • Fixed encoded URLs not handled correctly when copying images local (bug #167).

Email Signature Manager 5.1.0 Release Notes March 22, 2013

New features, enhancements and bug fixes in this release:

  • New Transport Agent to support signatures on mobile devices (task #153).
  • Improved support for Exchange Server 2013 (task #153).
  • Addition of search capability to select users and groups dialogs (task #153).
  • New dialog to test connectivity to Exchange Web Services (task #153).
  • New dialog to test connectivity to Office 365 (task #153).
  • Better handling of users who do not have signature deployment defined (task #153).
  • Test Signatures dialog can now perform a test signature deployment to Office 365 (task #153).
  • Resolved problems using built-in groups such as Domain Users for deployment (task #153).
  • Resolved various problems with deployment to Office 365 (bug #160).
  • Resolved problem when using custom data sources during deployment (bug #155).
  • Resolved number of users with errors always showing as zero in Status Monitor dialog (bug #156).
  • Resolved rare problem with deployment by group membership (bug #159).
  • Resolved rare problem opening the Status Monitor dialog depending on data in database (bug #161).
  • Resolved problem with MAPI deployment of OWA signatures where loading user data fails (bug #162).

Email Signature Manager 5.0.2 Release Notes January 21, 2013

New features, enhancements and bug fixes in this release:

  • Status Monitor dialog now allows sorting of users (task #146).
  • Template editor now offers table functions to manipulate table layout (task #146).
  • Fixed potential Autodiscovery issue in deployment service against Office 365 (bug #147).
  • Fixed download of linked images sometimes timing out when deploying signatures (bug #148).
  • Fixed RTF merge fields sometimes not working due to including RTF encoding in tokens (bug #149).
  • Fixed signature deployment fails if it encounters a deleted dynamic distribution list (bug #150).
  • Fixed problem with license being displayed incorrectly in Email Signature Manager (bug #151).
  • Fixed problem with license being reported as invalid when FIPS is enabled in Windows (bug #151).
  • Fixed issue with image paths including international characters sometimes not working (bug #154).

Email Signature Manager 5.0.1 Release Notes December 5, 2012

New features, enhancements and bug fixes in this release:

  • Settings Database dialog in GUI now includes function to repair and compact database (task #138).
  • If database format is unrecognized on start-up the GUI now offers repair of database (task #138).
  • Fixed MSI package fails to upgrade previous versions of MSI package (task #138).
  • Fixed importing a database fails under certain circumstances (bug #143).
  • Fixed line breaks in merge fields not converted to HTML and RTF (bug #144).
  • Fixed merge fields with international characters not always handled correctly in RTF (bug #145).

Email Signature Manager 5.0.0 Release Notes November 22, 2012

New features, enhancements and bug fixes in this release:

  • New user interface with ribbon and modern look-and-feel.
  • Works with Office 365 including Office 365 Outlook Web App.
  • Works with Blackberry devices.
  • Works with Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile devices (to be available March 2013).
  • Works with Windows 8 and Office 2013.
  • Works with Windows Server 2012 and Exchange 2013.
  • Supports deploying signatures to users who do not logon to the domain via new deployment service.
  • Supports deploying signatures to OWA 2010 and OWA 2013 via Exchange Web Services (EWS).
  • New deployment service can deploy OWA and mobile device signatures.
  • The command line deployment tool only deploys Outlook signatures when deployment service is used.
  • Improved template overview with sections, large icons, small icons, list and details views.
  • New copy function makes it easy to copy templates.
  • Conditional if statements now supports else statements.
  • Copy images to local drive now also copies images from http/https locations.
  • Copy images to local drive now copies images to sub-folders with name of signature/stationery.
  • Copy images to local drive now removes images when removing signatures/stationery.
  • Various improvements to reduce network traffic during deployment.
  • Improved error handling with new optional error reporting.
  • Unicode aware with support for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Japanese.
  • New getting started tasks dialog.
  • New and improved context sensitive help.
  • New check for updates feature.
  • Other minor enhancements.

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