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Email signature does not appear when composing email in Outlook


Email Signature Manager version 8.x

Email Signature Manager version 7.x


This article describes troubleshooting why email signatures do not appear in Outlook when composing email, even though there are no errors in the deployment log.


The following are common reasons why email signatures that have deployed without any errors do not show in Outlook when composing email:

  • The signature template does not include all email formats. For example only an HTML template has been created, but email is being composed in RTF or Plain Text format.

  • Outlook meeting invitations are in RTF format. If an RTF template has not been created, then the meeting invitation will appear to have no signature included.

  • Group policy is configured to disable Outlook signatures, which results default signatures configured by Email Signature Manager being disabled.

If you are experiencing problems we recommend upgrading to the latest versions of Email Signature Manager and the Email Signature Manager Agent.

You can verify if signatures are correctly installed in Outlook and if defaults are correct as follows:

  • On the File page, click Options.
  • Select the Mail page and click the Signatures... button.
  • Use the Signatures and Stationery dialog to check the settings.

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